I create multimedia art using procedures directly inspired by natural movements: the constant churn and flow of water, and the shifting and settling of aging earth. This spirit is captured in layers of repeated, lyrical marks, overlaid with patterns, and at times, worked into a larger grid.

The resulting works are abstract, yet rooted in observation. My process begins in nature, often by observing waves as they advance and retreat from the shoreline. I extract select perceptual information to deconstruct and reconstruct upon returning to my studio.

This embrace of chance operations leads me in new, unexpected directions. I recycle all material left over from finished works into new paintings, drawings, collages, and photo works. All artworks are thus connected in this way, each a part of a single cyclical process.

Much like my personal investigation of nature outside of my practice, I ask many questions of my work. What environmental changes affected its evolution? What traces of its transformation are left behind? What new shape will it take on?

The subject of my work is the process of its creation, and my joy in being a maker lies in both the discovery and the path it took to get there.

—Amanda C. Sweet

Artist Statement | 2018